Diamond blades and saw blades OPTIMA

diamantové kotouče

 Diamond blades OPTIMA  are delivered in 3 quality versions: OPTIMAprofi, OPTIMAdiamond, EXPRESS.

Diamond blades OPTIMAprofi are designed for professional use in demanding conditions. These diamond blades are intended for cutting building materials, dry or wet. They are particularly suitable for cutting concrete, concrete tiles, reinforced concrete, natural and artificial stone, brick and porphyry. The segments are laserwelded.

Diamond blades OPTIMAdiamond with unbeatable cost / performance ratio. Intended for less demanding building materials division, which satisfies most of the artisans and others users. Application: concrete, paving, concrete tiles, bricks, natural and artificial stone.

Diamont blades EXPRES
Diamond wheel with good performance and very favourable price. Intended for less ambitious cutting of building materials, especially for working-men and handymen.
Application: concrete, concrete pavement, concrete tiles, nature and artificial stone, bricks. Dry and wet cutting.

Circular saws OPTIMA
Equipped with quality tungsten carbide mounted slices. For softer massif (spruce, pine) is suited blade with fewer teeth (alternating oblique sharping)- for hard massif fits wheel with more teeth. Laminate, aluminum and plastic disc is to be cut with alternating trapezoidal teeth, or by blade with more teeth.

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